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Printed Materials

Designs created for print for Aims Community College, FoCo Girls Gone Derby,
Colorado Motocross / SCRUb Magazine, and individual clients

FoCo Girls Gone Derby

November 2010 FoCo Girls Gone Derby bout poster
October 2010 FoCo Girls Gone Derby Black and Blue Ball poster
September 2010 FoCo Girls Gone Derby bout poster
August 2010 FoCo Girls Gone Derby roller derby knockout poster
June 2010 FoCo Girls Gone Derby summer blockbuster poster
May 2010 FoCo Girls Gone Derby poster
Derby prison rumble poster
Derby mix it up poster
Derby strikes back poster
Derby season closer poster
Derby Resurrection poster
Derby Resurrection poster

Colorado Motocross / SCRUb Magazine

Colorado Motocross Magazine Cover for Issue 3
Colorado Motocross Magazine Cover for Issue 5
Colorado Motocross Magazine Cover for Issue 7
Colorado Motocross Magazine Table of Contents
Colorado Motocross Magazine spread
Greeley Supercross program page
23 Skidoo logo
23 Skidoo logo
MX Photography ad
HPMS advertisement
Reyryder ad

Aims Community College

Aims Magazine Cover Image
Surgical technology flyer
Surgical technology flyer back
Medical assisting flyer front
Career Service brochure exterior
Career Services brochure interior
Aims Online brochure exterior
Aims Online brochure interior
Auto show poster
Reprographics logo
Aviation program flyer
ECE Online flyer


Aviation program flyer
Aviation program flyer
Tattoo Boogaloo Open Sign
Tractors and Tiaras logo design
Fire truck
Art of Ill Fusion poster
Obama vector image

Class Projects

Assignments completed for design classes

Young's Vietnamese Packaging
Slicing up the Moon magazine spread
Vector Lego mini-fig
Beer label
Beer bottle
Housing Crash Infographic
Edward Hopper poster
Tattoo poster
Sweet Cherry Pies menu
Pinball table
Self-promotional CD
Shakespeare Festival poster


Messing around and having fun

Frigthened woman
Josh Love ambigram
Sage Evans spinonym
Solace ambigram
Warning sticker
Hematite recursion
Tail light recursion

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